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Company History

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Last century
It was the Aluminium ladder, in 1956 that provided Holdens with a tooling project to grow a diverse company in an Aluminium Market.

During the 1960s and 70s Holden expanded its interests into the design and manufacture of special purpose forming and machining processes, it was awarded a major contract by STC and Plessey to provide the UK’s telephone exchange racking systems made of aluminium extrusion for the electronics market.

In the 1980s Holden began producing components for commercial vehicle manufacturers and low volume car producers - By the 1990s this had developed into high volume supply for major car manufacturers.

This century
Today we have over 50 years experience of working with customers who require cost effective quality products on time – still we continue to offer that same enthusiastic approach but enhanced with CNC efficiencies, modern quality control and offer a total solution for your aluminium requirements.

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