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Polyamide thermal break

Polyamide thermal break

Polyamide thermal break

Polyamide thermal break

Aluminium is massively used in the manufacturing of profiles for the building and construction industry in windows and door systems. A thermal break or thermal barrier is a material of low thermal conductivity placed in an assembly to reduce or prevent the flow of thermal energy between conductive materials.

When it comes to aluminium windows and doors its essentially a break in a conductive material, aluminium, with a material of low thermal conductivity stopping the conduction of temperature across the system.

The 3 operations executed to achieve an isolated aluminium profile are as follows.

  • Knurling, prevents the isolation strips from shifting during. Teeth will need to be applied to both 'upper and lower' sections of the profiles. This is achieved by the knurling process, where the cavity (swallow's tail grooves) from upper and lower extrusions are notched.

  • Strip insertion, isolation strips are inserted between the extrusions. Both halves are now connected by the strips.

  • Rolling (or crimping), the final process. The aluminium teeth are crimped to lock the strips. To achieve this, pressure is applied during the final procedure to gain a compressive load that's necessary to crimp the assembly together.

Maximum profile length achieved is 7.0mtrs & minimum length is 2.1mtrs

Costs are kept to a minimum due to on site programming and ability to cross reference existing tooling against any new profile requests.
This also reduces the risk of any unnecessary tooling being issued. Once assembly has been achieved, the isolated aluminium profile consists of 3 parts.

The upper aluminium profile. The extrusion that will be set up on the outside of the building.

The actual thermal break's and the lower aluminium profile. The actual extrusion half that will be set up on the inside of the building.

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