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Aerospace We work with one of the UK's leading aerospace engineering companies to produce a number of structural parts for their new revolutionary superlight airline seat. These include upper and lower spars together with the fully welded seat-back assembly system which incorporates a number of specialised formed and machined sections.

The new low cost seating has been in continuous development since 2005. A partnership worked on both extrusion profile design and the development of the whole assembly to ensure that the seat passed rigorous tests set by the aviation authorities, including EASA requirements.

A representative from the seating company said, "We chose Holden Aluminium Technologies for this project because of their expertise and experience in the aerospace sector and also for their impressive track record in coming up with innovative solutions for forming aluminium extrusion."


AutomotiveHolden Aluminium Technologies have been producing components for the automotive industry for over 50 years.

Our forming and machining engineers' expertise enable us to offer the best solutions to our clients.

Our formed and machined aluminium extrusions can be found in many of today's models using the process below to produce products such as; Bumper armatures, bumper beams, chassis, chassis components, sunroofs, Window assemblies (A, B, C & D posts, division channels, roof racks, sports carriers, door frames, window frames, sun surrounds, crush cans, floor pans, steering column supports.


As the need for the caravan industry to move in to a lighter more aero dynamic structure the use of aluminium extrusions and importantly formed aluminium extrusions has increased in popularity. Holden Aluminium have the ability through our engineering and tool room facilities here at our Bromyard sites to help new and potential customers develop their new design shapes, from concept to prototypes and then deliver through to production.

Once the extrusion design has been decided we use in house bending technology, to develop the required form. Importantly the radius can be changed without incurring additional tooling cost. This also then offers easy style changes as the models progress.

An existing customer comments "The whole new build design was dependant on being able to form the side rails to the correct shape whilst keeping the section integrity, such as the awning rail grooves and the tee bolt securing slots. Holden Aluminium Technologies spent a number of weeks developing the tooling and a new forming process."

Tighter radius can also be developed once the extrusion section is fixed by using the Flow Forming and Stretch Forming techniques, this method of forming will give very consistent, repeatable forms. It has a higher tooling cost but this can be offset by the reduced piece parts depending on volume requirements. We are happy to advise you on the best solution for your application. A full turnkey solution can be offered.

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